Pet Policy

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Kresort Pet-Policy


We welcome you and your furry family member to the K Resort. For the safety and comfort of all our guests, employees, and visitors and your dog / cat, you must agree to all of the following conditions if you wish to have your dog / cat at the Resort.

I agree to the following general conditions:

I will not have more than 2 dogs / cats in my pet-room at any time.

I agree to the following specific conditions for each dog / cat:

By signing below, I agree to all of the conditions above.

  • My dog is up to date with all of the following vaccinations, and they were completed at least 7 days prior to check-in: Rabies; Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza (DHPP); Canine influenza; Bordetella (6 month) My dog / cat weighs no more than 50Kgs.
  • My dog / cat is house-trained, and I will clean up after my dog cat at all times.
  • I will keep my dog / cat in my pet-room or other approved areas. Note: Pets are not permitted in non-pet designated rooms/suites/villas; food and beverage venues; banquet and meeting spaces; or any recreational areas (including pools, recreation complex, and fitness centre), unless authorized as a service animal.
  • I will keep my dog / cat on a leash at all times while it is outside of my pet-room.
  • I will hang my “pet-in-room” door hanger when my dog / cat is in my pet-room.
  • I understand that daily housekeeping service will be provided only if (i) my dog / cat is not in my pet-room at the time or is secured in a crate or other area and (ii) I notify the front desk of a timeframe when housekeeping will be able to enter my pet-room to provide service.
  • I accept full responsibility for any and all damage caused by my dog / cat (including excessive pet odour) within my pet-room or any other area, inside or outside, of the resort.
  • I agree to pay the resort the cost of repairing or replacing any damage. If the resort is unable to rent or use the damaged room or area while the damage is being repaired or replaced, I am responsible for any lost revenue incurred by the resort.
  • I agree that the charges for such damage repair or replacement and/or lost revenue may be charged to me or my credit card.
  • I understand that an employee of the K Resort will inspect my pet-room upon my departure from the resort and will assess my pet-room for any damage.
  • I accept full responsibility for any complimentary or discounted goods or services that the resort must provide for disruptions or disturbances caused by my dog / cat.
  • I agree that the charges for such goods and services may be charged to my credit card.
  • I accept full responsibility for any and all injury inflicted upon any resort employee, guest, or other visitor to the property by my dog / cat.
  • I understand that if my dog / cat causes a disruption or disturbance, I will be notified at the phone number provided below, If the disruption or disturbance is not eliminated, I understand that I may be required to remove my dog /cat (at my expense) from the property. I understand that the K Resort may remove my dog / cat from my pet-room (at my expense) if my dog / cat is left unattended and causes a disruption or disturbance.
  • Note: We recommend that you do not leave your dog / cat unattended. Neither K Resort nor any of its employees are responsible for the care of my dog / cat. I understand that K Resort is not required to provide any warning or a second chance for a violation of any of these conditions and that it has the right to require me to remove my dog / cat (at my expense) from the property.